New to Forum ..a few questions

Hi Everyone,
I’m new to the forum ,although I’ve had a Beatbuddy for about six months .I love playing it and was hoping to not even have to get involved with the BB manager software but some of the patterns I feel are a bit American rock orientated ( I live in London )and a little less roll,so I need to be able to switch some stuff around and I want to some recording with the Beat buddy,so Ive got a few questions

1 . Is it possible to swap different patterns within a song ,so lets say I want the second section from rock 9 to be the second section from rock 8

  1. is it possible to listen to user generated content before downloading it ?

3.Is there a good tutorial out there for mac users to use the BB software?

4.Finally ,I’ve got a Ditto looper .When I play guitar and the Beatbuddy at the same time it always goes out after about 30 secs .I’m not talking about looping the drums but looping the guitar ,so is there a way to quantize the Beat buddy a bit tighter as the Ditto has no midi

Many Thanks

  1. BB Manager software allows you to do exactly that.
  2. If a user were to post a sample then yes, but most only post the BB file.
  3. Trying to manually time your guitar loops to the BB, or any other source for that matter, is going to be exceptionally difficult. Without MIDI, it’s often easier to record the drum pattern (with all the parts) to the looper, then overdub your guitar.

Thanks Scudd !