New to the Aeros

Hi there,

Just aquired my Aeros - my plan is to use it to record my spontaneous ideas before importing them into my DAW. While I’ve been quite impressed so far, I’ve spotted 2 areas for improvement. If this is the wrong area to post requests, please let me know so I can move it,

Features requests:
1.) The 360 samples added at the end of the WAV is a massive pain - seems to add unnecessary work when importing into a DAW - each time! This really seems like it could be overcome by adding an export function for example!

2.) Since the Aeros has wifi built in surely the most logical thing to do would be to make it possible to download files from the Aeros wirelessly - esp since all new macbooks dont ship with SD card slots anymore… it seems like a really natual feature to have for a device with built in wifi capabilities.

I appreciate your ongoing effort with the product. I would appreciate your thoughts on the above 2 points!


Luckily, the Singular Sound developers are fairly unique in the pedal/midi/ electronic instrument production arena as they are very active in continuing the development and evolution of their products! Very communicative and responsive to users requests and needs…the set of devices produced so far are very special in their interactive abilities. Nothing quite like it out there!

Keep abreast of this forum and hopefully many more options/capabilities will in our future!

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