New to the forum

…and thanks for having me aboard.

Lifelong musician, guitar addict, and very sadly, trying to get over the loss of my bandmate and drummer friend, Bob, to cancer.

Exploring my new BeatBuddy mini and associated pedal.
Loving it thus far, and looking forward to learning more and more from all you fine fellows and ladies.

There will be band gigs where we can bring in another drummer, but there will also be some smaller, specialized gigs where the BeatBuddy will do just fine, I think.

Anyway, thanks again.
Forgive my hundreds of stupid questions that will be sure to follow.

Hi, I was a newbie not so long ago (thinking about it, I guess that still makes me a newbie!) thanks to this forum and it’s members, BeatBuddy is now a major part of our little groups music. Hope you enjoy the journey too.

Welcome Sparquelito. Sorry to hear about your loss. As a 2x cancer/leukemia survivor myself, I can relate. Hope the Beat Buddy and this forum brings you a lot of fun. Enjoy

Thank you all for the kind welcome.
I look forward to visiting and learning from you wonderful guys and gals.

Welcome to the Forum!

I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Your Beat Buddy will never replace a real human — especially not a dear friend – but it will empower you to keep doing what you’re doing. If it does not seem too indelicate, some folks, myself included, name their Beat Buddy; perhaps yours could be Robert, in his honor.

As for the Beat Buddy itself, like most of us, you are almost certainly going to encounter challenges, especially if you push the limits and really get your hands dirty editing and building out new songs. But if you bear with it, you’ll find, as I did, that your Beat Buddy will make all kinds of stuff possible. I have a duo with a repertoire of about 80 songs, all with my BB, Waldo, driving the rhythm section. We come across, as will you, as a full band, but we basically fit in a shoe box. Which means small duo-only pubs can afford a full-on dance band, and, conversely, a duo can play weddings and fairs. It will really give you some great options – which, it sounds like, you’re already on top of.

So now, share with us: What kind of tunes do you play? How are you using the BB? One-press, or driving it through the songs? Everyone here seems to do something slightly different, and I’m always keen to absorb whatever I can.