New User Introduction - Enjoying the BeatBuddy Immensely

Hi. I have been reading the forum for some time now, but just got my BeatBuddy this week. I thought I would introduce myself. Why, did I wait so long? I am loving this thing, and it has raised my practice to a whole new level. I haven’t played out with it yet - I need to practice some with it first.

I play bass and ukulele (and sometimes guitar) in a trio that has a guitar, bass and ukulele player. We all sing. We play mostly at nursing homes and senior centers as part of their music therapy programs so we mostly play older songs and gospel they might know. When we hit a song they do know, it really seems to bring them around, even the ones with dementia.

Our guitar player mostly plays lead, so the ukulele (often played mandolin style) and bass are often called upon to keep the beat. Our ukulele player has not been able to practice lately, so I’ve been having to keep the beat with the ukulele, but our music really needs some bass. That’s one of the reasons I got the BeatBuddy, although I haven’t sprung it on the band yet lol. We use OnSong on iPads and always do a set list for our performances. Ultimately, I want to add MIDI control of the BeatBuddy from my iPad, but don’t have all the adapters yet. I have both a Boss FS6 footswitch and a Digitech 3 button. The Boss seems to work great on the BeatBuddy. So far, for practicing a given set list, I have no trouble setting it up to advance to the next song etc., once I set up the folder with BeatBuddy Manager. I may not even need MIDI until I input more beats into my song list of about 500 songs.

Anyway, thanks for a great tool, and thanks to the forum members for all the great posts showing me how to use this thing. I am looking forward to some great playing.


Welcome aboard!