New user seeking help hooking BB up to my mixer/pa


I have a Behringer X-2222 mixer that I have used for a long time to hook up my laptop, isolation headphones, mic’ed up drums and pa speakers so that I can play along to songs on my laptop through the mixer while controlling the drum mix and song volume in my headphones.

Today I tried to run my BeatBuddy into a pair of unused channels on the mixer, and I couldn’t get sound.

Would someone here point me in the right direction?

Here’s a web shot of the mixer I have.

Thank you

There is no reason that the Beat Buddy would not work with your mixer. So, best to troubleshoot the problem. Plug a known good source into the channels you were using and make sure they work. Make sure the channels are not muted on the mixer. Make sure the volume settings are adequately above zero. Make sure the Beat Buddy volume is turned up to an adequate level. Try your headphones for that. Make sure the Gain for the channels you are using is not set to zero. Beyond that, the next thing I would do is to make something is coming out of the Beat Buddy. Hook it up directly to a guitar amp to make sound is coming out of the Beat Buddy. Good luck. I have gone crazy with mixer issues only to find it was one of the setting I mentioned above.

Nice Pic of the Mixer. Maybe you can take a close up pick at the channels being used so we can see how its actually set up.
Of course if the great suggestions above that Phil Flood gave do not work out for you.

Carl - here’s what we use live. Similar although a Yamaha 16 ch. Drums go into ch 9/10 as a stereo L/R input signal but you’ll note the gain is way up and that’s with hefty 100% output from BB.

I’m not sure how I got it working, but it’s working! I play a fuzzy solo version of Amazing Grace, and I tried the Blues 3 drum kit at 82 bpm, and it sounds amazing. Thank you two or three dudes for the help

Sometimes life goes like that. You’ll find a bunch of great folks here offering ideas - nothing worse than talking to yourself in circles only to find out the answer was obvious…from personal experience.