New User - Unboxing TONIGHT!

My BeatBuddy and foot pedal arrived last night - I am going home after work to un-box and start playing.

I hate to ask something so simple but…
Where should I start???

Pick a beat you like and jam along. Get technical tomorrow. Tonight, just play.

And welcome to the family. Lots of really helpful people on here!


If you haven’t read the user guide, it’s a helpful starting point.

Same goes for the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). If you have not downloaded and installed it and experimented with it, you might want to do so.


I bought mine about 6 months ago. That first jam with it overwhelmed me. I am a good guitarist, but not a techno type if you will (past drum machines scared me!). I thought I had bit off more than I could chew after that first night lol. Then I made myself dedicate that first weekend to “get it”. A couple of hours of just messing with the BB (no guitar playing) to understand it. Then about 8 or more hours of playing the guitar while running/using the BB. As Jim Morrison once sang… I broke on through to the other side. I guess most of us play instruments and like those instruments it took some time and practice to “get it”. And I am sure you will too. Be patient and enjoy. I hope, like myself and numerous others here, you will be happy with your investment. And this site makes it even better with the knowledge and downloads that are shared.

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This is exactly what I expect. At this point I cannot even figure out where to download a tune when the post says it is there. LOL

Like I said, start with what’s in the box. You can branch out later. :slight_smile:

I get that - just playing around the site while I am at work… kinda can’t play the guitar in my office so I thought I would see whats out there for another day. I’m impatient like that.

Preach, brother!

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