New User with Two Questions

  1. Is the Beat Buddy designed to also run on a Battery ?
  2. The used unit I bought did not come with the Power Supply, it says it uses a 9V 500mA unit. Do I have to use the Singular Sound provided Power Supply or can any 9V 500mA unit work ?

Appreciate your feedback !

There is no place to fit a battery inside the BB. I think some have cobbled together an external battery pack that can provide 9 vdc and there even may be such a pack that can be bought with a rechargable battery (I think I may have seen one or two on Amazon).

Yes, A 9vdc @ 500ma will work. Be very certain the adapter has a (-) negative tip which should be shown on the adapter. Some connector sizes may not fit the BB.


Or, 9v Power Supply

Thanks for your input, much appreciated !

Yes, The Beat Buddy can run on a battery with the right adapter. An 9V 500mA power supply should work, but make sure it has the correct polarity to avoid damage.

Thanks ellajones !

You can purchase a 9 volt power cord directly from our website using the following link: 9V Power Supply.

Alternatively, you can use a 9V 500mA center-negative power supply. Just a note of caution: using a power supply of more than 9V or plugging it directly into AC power will result in damage to your BeatBuddy, and your warranty will not be valid.

Be sure that it is center-negative, as shown in the diagram. The outside of the tip is positive.