New Video from Where's Waldo Trio: Beer in Mexico

We’re out there again, and here’s a little video evidence. Care to join us for a beer?


Great sound and the BB parts are so well placed. Are you programming the entire track so only one pedal stab is necessary?
Also it’s so good to see a Bass VI in action! I use a 1967 Bass VI, wouldn’t be without it in my studio but too valuable to take out :smirk:

Mark will be thrilled that someone actually knew that was a bass!
When he bought it, he played a Fender reissue and the Squier he ended up with back to back, and the Squier sat in the mix better than the reissue Fender did. He has since added a Harley Benton bass-6 for live gigs as a backup, and it definitely punches above its weight.

I program most of my songs in traditional parts – verses, choruses, solos, and bridges – and drive them live. That gives me a lot more flexibility if a song is going over gangbusters (or if it falls flat on its face). The only ones I usually do as one-press tunes are the ones where I have more pedal dance to do than I have feet (Dead or Alive grudgingly became a 1-press because of this). But, for the most part, I like to drive the bus.

My ‘67 Bass VI is perfect for what I do and heaps better than the Squier or the late Fender VI models. I haven’t tried the HB ones but one day??? I also have a Jap Jaguar Baritone which is ok but I’ve yet to find a good reason for the upper controls? The worst thing about the Baritone is the 28.5 scale and getting flat strings - impossible and nobody makes them - Typical Fender, no after sales support. I’m in the process of learning how to program the bloody thing :weary:

Mark never had the option to try an original, but if you’d like to send it by…


Hello, I found you on the BeatBuddy forum and YouTube. I’ve been making music again recently and unfortunately I lost the file with the drum settings. My question and request, can you send me the file for the BeatBuddy

New Video from Where’s Waldo Trio: Beer in Mexico

Beer in Mexico.sng (1.5 MB)