New York Minute re-up - The Eagles, Don Henley

Requires NP EJ Piano and Strings.

Includes: .sng, source midi, midi opbk, chords and lyrics in plain text and pdf.

I find in playing this on guitar, that the best approaches to take are to play the verses with either a very staccato 4 on the floor approach, or, to just play one chord per change and let them ring. Everything is fairly basic until the bridge, I use the following:

Abmaj7 4x554x, Dm7b5 10 x 10 10 9 x, Csus 8 8 10 10 x x

Cm 8 10 10 8 x x, G7 10 x 9 10 8, Ab9 x 11 10 11 11 x

Download Here