New YouTube channel for Acoustic Drive...finally

I was encouraged to tackle some video after a recent exchange with JoeinOttawa seeing his very solid work. Although there is much to learn yet it was encouraging - two available cameras, some very cheap (and often frustrating SW) and synching the usual output we record from the mixer. Along with a proper thanks to Phil and Phil Flood on two of the songs we regularly keep in the sets.


Very nice! And friggin’ mosquitoes! So which one are you?

And what software are you using?

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Thx and for the inspiration to get this started. Our lead guitarist has a Zoom Q8 he’s never used and I have a pretty nice old Canon pocket camera that rarely gets used (but with limited battery life) and no remote stop starts on these. I used Wondershare Filmora 8.7 - (probably $40 USD) a few years ago bought in self defense for these things but with great patience I can do this. The audio parallels the output going to the powered PAs from the mixer recorded on a Tascam DR05 (<$100 USD) from the phones outputs. We use the AUX for individual monitors.

Oh and I’m the one stage right with the blond flow and the active foot hovering over Beat Buddy while I sometimes sing, play flute, bass, guitar, harp and watch the mix.