Newb needs a basic beat

Non technical newbie. Sorry in advance. Trying to figure this out and failing. Im in an acoustic duo and very few songs are in the library. Most songs are 4/4 time and could just be a shaker with a tap on the beat. I can adjust bpm for different songs. For example, Angels Above Me from Stick Figure is a good song for that basic rhythm.
So, I’m already frustrated. Does anyone know a song that I can use to reference the beats in the library, or know where I can get the simple beat from?
Struggling and frustrated. Thanks in advance.

So just a shaker on 1/4 notes and a kick on the 1? Or something a bit more?

I think that’s all we need to start? Trying to keep it super simple and let the guitars and vocals lead. Any thoughts?

It’s easy enough to do using a simple editor Just edit a 4-4_4-count. I would do the shaker on 1/8 notes, 100% velocity on the on beats (1-2-3-4) and 60% on the “ands.” Add a kick on the 1, maybe one at 50% on the “4-and,” and you should be good to go.

That said, either of the Brushes Str-8 beats will probably work just fine for you as is.

Dude, if you make me some, I’ll pay you lol
I checked those and they seem like too much for what we need. I’m trying to think of any songs that I can use the song match tool for

Abrock, I know it’s daunting now, but getting some familiarity with the BB manager and MIDI editor is going to enable you to take a beat and make it your own without learning complex midi editing via a DAW which I still am unable to do. I had no experience with MIDI when I started.

Most of my gigging is also with an acoustic duo and I found most of the intros waaay to much for us. No problem. Just locate a stick intro and modified the velocities (midi for volume) to be what you want and you’ll be good to go. The MIDI editor in BBM is not good for altering a large file but intros and outros are short files that a simple editor like the BBM is fairly good at working with.

Don’t get frustrated, take some time to get yourself familiar with the product and I can almost guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

Hey, Thanks for the feedback. But I’m a singer and can’t keep time when I sing. I just want simple stuff and knowing myself, I don’t have the patience to figure this out.

“Angels Above Me” is not a straight beat. It’s like a shuffle, or swung. Anyway, try Reggae 10 at 62 BPM.

I got gig basics on sd card I think it has what your looking for the beats on Bb had to much cybals were I wanted subtilty just wanted a beat with brushes something simple were a cajon would of been great for a acoustic duo,like gig basics ballads worked great for what I was doing one guitar bass track and vocals and backing voxs harmony’s plus overdub on aeros2x2 mode

I’ve used midi maestro extra accent beats and loopstudio to build simple beats with Kik and snare with closed hihat maybe tambourine