Newbie alert :)

I currently use Onsong to send bluetooth midi to BB. I want to add the Maestro and Aeros to mix.
What wiring scenario would you use? I am using the Yamaha wireless bluetooth thingies.

There are a couple of potential sources that might help you: the Aeros User Manual has a recommended signal chain; and, searching the forum for Onsong, MIDI Signal Chain, or, bluetooth.

Please let us know what you find that helps to address your question.

According to a reply on here I should be able to link Onsong and the Maestro via BT. Then chain everything downstream of the Maestro. Maestro…BeatBuddy…Aeros…
Haven’t gotten there yet but will report back when I have success hopefully!!

So I am hooked up/VIA bluetooth. Onsong connected to the Maestro…to BB. The patch changes but it will not control the Tempo. When connected directly to BB using wireless dongle it adjust tempo correctly. Anyone know how to make OnSong control the BB through the Maestro?

I would say there should be a way to pair Onsong to the MIDI Maestro once the MIDI Maestro is put into pairing mode.

The MIDI Maestro can convert MIDI BLE to MIDI