Newbie Drum Set selection question

I would like to use a (non Beat Buddy) midi file on my Beat Buddy. The midi file plays nicely on using MIDIPlayer X on my MacBook (using the default built-in GM Synth) and I’m wondering if there are Drum Sets that I can import in to BB Manager that approximate what I hear with the built-in GM Synth in MIDIPlayer X. Does this question even make sense? If I load the midi file into BB Manager or GarageBand or Logic Pro X, I can see the range of instruments that are being used, so I assume any drum kit would need to include at least some of those instruments for the song to sound similar as a Beat Buddy song. Thanks for any advice/suggestions!

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Is the file you want to load just drums or is it drums and other instruments. If it is drums only, there are some kits that should work. If it is drums plus, then, no, it won’t work.


Thanks for your quick answer. The MIDI file includes other instruments (bass, strings, synth), and I held out a faint hope that someone might have created a drum set that approximated some of the instrument sounds generated by the built-in GM Synth. That way, I would get more than drums if I used the song with my Beat Buddy. I’m trying for a minimal setup that doesn’t require much more than the BB pedal.

Well, we have plenty of drum kits that have other instruments, like bass, drums, keys and strings, for example. But, the midi file needs to be manipulated to fit the kit. The BB only plays one channel. So to make songs like that work, you have to build a kit that contains notes for the instrument you are using. General Midi is 128 instruments, each occupying up to 128 places on the extended keyboard. That is potentially 16,384 sounds. The BB can only have a maximum of 128 sounds.

Take a look through the forum for some of the songs in the Resources>Songs section. then find the kit that goes with it. A good example of something that is fairly robust is Superstition by Stevie Wonder, that I did. That will give you some idea of what is possible if you down the song and the kit.


Thanks for the detailed information. I’m learning…