Newbie Help - Overdub Behaviour

Hi everybody, newbie here with Aeros Gold running newest firmware 5.0.3 i believe.
I am used to running a boss rc505 loopstation and trying to get the hang of the Aeros seeing if it suiting for me. I have a bunch of questions but lets start with this.

  1. overdub behaviour. I am set to ROP,
    I notice that when if I leave overdub running, it will start to wipe out its layer.
    Coming from the RC505 I just leave ovedub on if I want to.
    Trying to understand how the AEROS behaves.

Basically now I have to Stop before the clip length, and then press overdub again if I don’t want the layer to erase it self. Is there anyway to c hange this behaviour so that it just automatically keeps overdubbing?

I can’t seem to get my tails of drones, and other rhythmic material to overdub properly with this behaviour. To make a seamless padlike loop for example.

  1. It still is only a few days old am admittedly feeling abit frustrated with the learning curve.
    I am hearing a “click” sound or audible sound when the overdub layer returns to the red LINE which indicates the loop start. Maybe this has to do with me started to sing before the recording starts I will have to look into that more.

Any help with the Above OVERDUB beviour will be very helpfu lthanks.
Maybe the Aeros functionality is just not suitable for the way I loop.
Thanks so much,

When overdub is running, you only visually see the most recent loops-worth of recording. But the previous audio is still there.

If it sounds like it’s missing also, I believe you may be running into a known bug that I’ve experienced a few times. In order to test it you can try this work-around. The next time it happens, “undo” the overdub. (hold the right button) Then “redo” the overdub. (hold the same button)

This might cause the full expected audio to be restored. I encountered that a few times on the 5.0.3 firmware. Since then, I installed the 5.1.0 firmware, and generally found it to be more stable, despite being called “beta”. From what I can tell, that particular bug is fixed.

Regarding the click at the loop point, I’ve heard that a few times, but not lately. I’m not really sure what to do about that one.

Hi Tom,
Firstly Thanks so much for responding.
i’ve been honestly feeling really frustrated and not sure if it’s just me not understanding or if there are bugs. What seems like a simple function does not respond as expected.

Your note towards the bug in 5.0.3 overdubbing being missed helps me understand what I am experiencing.

Often when I overdub, it does not play back even though there is visual waveform data showing it hs been recording.
Then if I fiddle with a few buttons at a time, then it seems to pop up and re-appear again.
I trust that this is a known bug issue as you have mentioned and I will report it as well.

As for the other things. I’ll try and figure out one thing at a time first. This was very helpful thank you.


You mean the overdub is not playing
But if you press again it play?

That’s a bug fixed on 5.1.0


reflecting this is one main issue i am exerience

About 50% of the time When set to ROP, while entering into the 1st automatic Overdub layer, when starting from a new loop, seems to begin playing back when loop length begins again while overdubbing. Sometimes it does not at all… Then after pressing a few times, sometimes it pops back up again, maybe some kind of REDO.

This leads me to believe that it’s not behaving consistently and wondering if there is an error somewhere.

Thomas above mentioned it was a known bug fixed in 5.1.0
I am on 5.0.3 but it says it is up to date? Do you know why I am not able to update to 5.1?
Thanks man

–OK just read the 5.1.0 is BETA and needs to be manually loaded via SD gotit!
Though i don’t see any mention of that overdub loop problem in the known bug fixes.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the midi song select error message
  • Fixed fade to mute on the Loop Studio hands free slideout
  • Fixed the Aeros not respecting the stop command when the Aeros receives the command in the Loop Forgiveness Zone
  • Fixed mute not working when using the mixer
  • Fixed the solo command only affecting the selected track
  • Fixed the crash when selecting too many songs and trying to delete them
  • Fixed rare issue with overdubs not playing back after undoing/clearing several times
  • Fixed stop midi command not sending at the appropriate sync point
  • Fixed issue where play/stop all button was not functioning correctly on the mixer screen
  • If Count In Record is off, the Aeros will not lose sync with the BeatBuddy when restarted from stopped
  • If Count In Playback is off, the Aeros will not lose sync with the BeatBuddy when restarted from stopped
  • After manually editing the time signature, the Aeros will correctly update to a new time signature if it receives a different time signature
  • You can edit parameters of a song while also importing a backing track without corrupting the song file.

I can confirm it’s fixed

Thanks, for bolding it, i must have missed that!