Newbie Issue. Synchronize Issues

I’ve followed every YouTube video I can find however when I create a set list and try to synchronize, I don’t get a dialogue box like any of the videos. I’m missing something. Any help is appreciated

Have you followed these 3 steps? All 3 steps needed with a new (or previously not exported) project; after having exported the project and synchronized to your SD card, it requires only steps 1 and 3:

  1. Save project
  2. Export project to SD card
  3. Accept prompt for future synchronizing (you should be able to synchronize the same project whenever you make changes to the project).

There is one exception to the above and that is if you are using a Mac running Sierra (10.12.6 or newer).

If you’re still having issues, some more details would be helpful e.g., Mac or PC, BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) version, etc.

Thanks. I tried that. It wiped the SD card clean. Nothing on it now…

I got a dialogue box saying there was a linking error… :frowning:

@Axman777 Can you upload a screenshot of what’s happening?

When you originally opened the project via the menu option File > Open Project (and selected the SD card), did you save it to your computer and also link it for future synchronization at the end? If you didn’t, or aren’t sure, I suggest you do that now with the SD card, then make the appropriate changes and synchronize them.

If you have customized folders in the song list, you can export them to your computer first (select the playlist then click on File > Export > Folder) and them reimport them to your new saved project.

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Thanks. I did make a back up but I don’t remember being asked to “link it”.

I will start over as I have reloaded the backup onto the SD card.

Will let you know. Many thanks

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