Newbie Making drum beats


I wonder if anyone can help, I have been trying to make a drumbeat for and Ed Sheeran song called perfect.
I have downloaded a midi file from Chordify
If you play the drumbeat on chordify website it sounds fine but if you download the midi file and export it into a DAW ( I’m using Cubase) the drum beat sounds nothing like it.
In Cubase with this midi file there are 2 midi channels not sure if they are both drums or 1 is drum and one is base, but when you play then you just hear a symbol every so often ans it goes through the track.
As I say I am a newbie at this but am keen to learn how to make my own drum beats to cover songs I want to play and then export to the beat buddy.
I have read many tutorials but only understand little bits so any pointers would be greatly appreciated and please forgive me if I have wrote anything stupid or obvious in this post.


Understand the desire to learn to create your own beats and that’s great however, you have another option and that’s to post a request for the song. Usually folks can work it up for you in an OPB (one-press bass) format.

While you get your feet on the ground, there are several helpful tutorials posted.

thanks for the reply

do I put the requests in beat and drum kit requests part of the forum??
Could you please provide me with relevant links for the right tutorials in case I have missed any please??

Many thanks again

This should get you started:

I’m away from my desktop so I’ll give you an idea of what terms to search on. You can search the forum for a term such as “tutorial” or “dummies” and posted by members Guitar Stu, Phil Flood, or aashideacon.

Later today I’ll post a sticky to help new users more easily find the tutorials.

There are many videos on youtube that some have posted showing how the Beat Buddy Manager works and how to create your own beats.
Here is a good starter vid:

He has at least 2 other tutorials so check those vids out as well as all the Singular Sound video tutorials available for newbies.
The user base is very helpful here so ask away

this one explains a lot on how to use an online MIDI file to make a Beat Buddy song file from it. Not easy and takes some work for sure but it can be done:

and this one:

You can also download some free drumkits from Groove Money to add to your BB pedal.
they have 2 videos to show how to add those here:

and here:

Thanks very much for your help, I will check them out

A bit of the topic but does chordify premium midi include a drum track?