Newbie needs help finding specific artist

Hi all, just received a BB for father’s day and am trying to figure out the menu system. It came with a 4gb card which I’ve installed. I was under the assumption that the device shipped with drum beats from actual songs but I can’t find them. We I wrong with this assumption?

Thanks for any help.

The BeatBudddy ships with folders full of song genres (Blues, Rock, etc) but does not include songs by artists. For that, you would have to buy song packages from the Premium Library however, many forum users have crafted one-press songs and there are a thousand or more custom-made songs freely donated by users.

Don’t know if Singular Sound is still doing this but it was giving a freebie pack (or was it a $5 credit?) to new BeatBudddy purchasers that signed up for an account. If this incentive is still available, you can give that a try to see what you think.

If you decide to try the user-made songs, you’ll need to find (here on the forum), download, import and activate the custom made drum sets using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as well. Just keep in mind that these are songs that incorporate bass guitar and are one-press.

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And if you decide you like the one-press format and quality (some do and some don’t), you can request whatever songs you’re unable to find after searching the forum.

Thanks guys. I figured out how to buy some packs and get them installed! On to search for more files!

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