Newbie Question about Premium Content install

I MAY have errored when upgrading to the Premium content library. I installed it on my external drive and I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing my particular problem. When I want to replace or create a song intro with just a side stick or hi-hat four count, I’m not finding access to those files when I click on the “replace” icon. I see them in the sidebar on the left, but not in the box that opens when I click “replace”. I have access to “midi sources” but side sticks, or hi-hats, hand claps, etc. aren’t in there. Any suggestions? It almost seems like I have 2 separate installations of Beat Buddy Manager, but I’m not positive. Ugh.

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This is most likely the source of your problem. You’ll need to open the premium content library project and follow the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) prompts to save it to your computer’s internal hard drive bbworkspace folder. Recommend you delete the project from your external drive.

If you run into problems, contact for help.

Thank you for your assistance. I deleted all instances of Beat Buddy, wiped the SD card clean, transferred the premium package onto the card, and loaded it into BBM. All on my main drive in my laptop. But still, if I want to replace an intro with a four count stick click, or cowbell, I’m not finding it available anywhere. It goes to “default user library” and my options are limited. I assume I’ve still done something wrong? Time for me to contact support? Again, I really appreciate your help!

Might be best to contact and allow them to help you

Will do, thanks!