Newest Problem BASS DRUM

I just entered some new songs and since I can’t listen to threm on my PC I loaded them on to the pedal. They’re all missing the bass drum! I played backed the sequences and they all have a bass drum on them. The songs I entered last week are fine. I’m using Guitar Pro and Anvil to set up the beats.

Do you have events triggering midi note 36 or 35?

The correct note for BeatBuddy to work is 36, but most likely your patterns contain note 35 (that won’t play).
You need to change your MIDI patterns used and replace all notes 35 to 36.

I also mention this in my Drum Editor tutorials.

I thought it might be a midi note issue but I can’t see anywhere in guitar pro what notes trigger the sounds. Does anybody know how to find this? If not do I need to set up a drumset in beatbuddy changing the note to 35?

You won’t see anywhere in Guitar Pro what notes will play in BBManager simply because these are two different programs with no integration between each other.
This is indeed bad that this process is not automated yet, and you need to use your brain power to use BBManager to find what notes trigger sounds and which do not (You can also refer to the sticky thread in the Drum Kits[/URL] subforum [URL=‘’]here). Then use Guitar Pro to manually edit/replace the notes that do not trigger any sound in the BeatBuddy.

All in all, currently BeatBuddy is an amazing product with really steep learning curve. This must be fixed and I have plans to fix that.

Yes, tell me about the learning curve. I can’t hear the sounds on my PC because they are so distorted which make it more difficult for me. I thought midi note maps were universal, but I know on Anvil they start at one while other programs start at zero. I had a tambourine plan on Anvil but it showed note 55. The maps state that it’s 54, but somehow it played ok on the beatbuddy which I set up as midi note 54. When I had changed in in Anvil as 54 it wouldn’t play in the Beat Buddy!
It would be really great if we had an editor attached to the program which was completely compatible. with it. I thought this might be an issue when I purchased it but didn’t realize the issues. I’ve been programming all my own drums in Guitar Pro for about 5 years with never a problem, except that percussion sounds have to be set up separately on any of 4 tabs at the bottom of the screeen.

Yes, BeatBuddy is in dire need of a built-in MIDI editor. This is in the works currently.
Still Mac version is a priority number one for the official dev team.

I would pay extra for it - maybe around $50.00? Maybe this would be a question for discussion. Would users be willing to pay for the editor? I think most of us would. By the way, thanks for your help and advice.

You are always welcome, Frank - just as everyone else is! I will put my best to find time to make something like that happen as fast as possible, but lately I am almost constantly busy with only like 2-3 hours maximum for the pedal daily. Forum is easier :slight_smile: