Next Gen of cablis?

If you guys make a next generation of the cabli please make cablis for longer cables, 40, 50 feet, also reinforcing the tail we use to roll the cable as it feels weak and when cables get stuck could break easily or at least that’s how i feel it and all the times i do it with fear, and the middle circle cap always fall off. thank you.

Agreed - Love the cabli and the next generation would be better if it could hold thicker cable like speaker cables or handle the woven cables better.

Still, the cabli has been amazing - at least when we used to gig!

Hey there, thanks for the feedback, we have gotten many requests to include a larger Cabli option for longer/thicker cables, and we plan to look into that soon.

As to your other requests, thank you for the feedback, customer opinions are invaluable to us.

We are aware of the defect on the Cabli circle cap, and will look out for it in future productions, thank you!

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@BrennanSingularSound I just got 4 of them as part of the Christmas special. I really really like them. The elastic strap to hold while winding up cables is a bit kludgey, kloogy, (sp?) wonky… doesn’t work well. For that reason I give it 4 stars rather than 5. Used them at a 6 gigs so far and they sure help speed up the set up and tear down.

Very cool product…a bit pricey… but cool!

Thanks for the feedback!

You can gig? Haven’t been able to play live music in the UK for nigh on a year.

Yep. Not as widespread as pre-March 2020, but many places (outdoor venues, some restaurants, etc. are having live music… with COVID precautions. I’m in the N. Texas area.

We’re in total lockdown again until at least 8 March and singing apart from a brief spell last August (and only outside) is banned. TBH we wouldn’t have taken the chance in any case. Liz is having first vaccine tomorrow but I can’t see venues reopening for live music until at least last quarter of year, if even then.

In any case you may want to watch our how to use video for tips in case!

I like the cabli… I have used them many times now. I wonder if a pop socket type thing on the back instead of an elastic strap would allow for a firmer hold? Just a thought.

Is there a way to neatly “stack them” on top of each other while sitting on the ground? Have them stay in place? I have 4 of them all stacked when I’m set up to play and my “Tower of Cablis” :grinning: sometimes falls due to vibration, or a slight tug on one of the cables.

Thanks for the cool product!

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Interesting, thanks for the feedback and suggestions!