Next Part does not record if tracks are undone

For 2x2 Mode (Hopefully 6x6 will have something similar in a later update)

  • Record a track
  • Hit next part (either footswitch or midi)
  • Record track on 2nd part
  • Undo the track on the second part
  • Go back to first part
  • Hit next part (either footswitch or midi)
  • Aeros advances to the next part but does not record. It should (or perhaps somene wants a setting to turn this off, but the default should be treat undone tracks as if they were never recorded).

Hi, yes, we are aware of this issue, and there are a few more corner cases where undone tracks can change the expected behavior because undone tracks are not treated as “cleared”. We are working on solutions like having the option to clear a track, this would provide a solution to this and other corner cases with undone tracks.

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If you keep the undo feature, it makes sense to fix this even if you add a clear track option. It’s too confusing and most people won’t understand the difference. It’s not that hard to make sure that all code that results in a cleared/undone track calls the same method.

I understand that sentiment, it is a workaround truly, I’ll bring it up

The ability to clear a tack helps, but that is a bt cumbersome … and clear only works when stopped.

Perhaps provide a setting that chooses between 1) letting next part initiate a record and 2) letting the user goto the next part in a way that lets them redo (which is why i suspect this issue exists?)

This should be fixed in latest beta!