Next Part

When I click for the next part of the song, two measures pass before it starts. I want the next part of the song to start after i hit next part, not 2-3 measures later… How does that work in a live situation?!

If I turn quanticize off then I can’t get a click track or count in when I go to record

Hello there,

Have you looked at the Change Song Part/ Stop All setting in the main menu settings? You may have it set to End of Loop when you need it to be at the next measure or immediate.

Also, yes, freeform does not allow count in because it does not have a time basis, you must hit record immediately as you want to start recording and hit play immediately as you want to stop. There is no way for the Aeros to know how to count into this mode. This is standard for freeform modes.

Thank you. I think I’ll be returning mine. Hopefully if there are some updates on the 6x6 to get it working like the 2x2, then it would be worthwhile. I also don’t like that once you delete a track you can no longer get a count in (and thus, can’t play along to the Aero’s click track).

I’m guessing Midi is for keyboard and I play guitar, so those updates don’t help me.


Hey there, sorry to hear that

If you go to the main menu settings, are you sending the Aeros click anywhere? You must route it to either the main output or the Aux output to hear it (other than the count-in which you can always hear when its on). Also what setting do you have for “Click after recording first track”, if you have it on No, it will not play the click when recording anything other than the first track in a song part, if Yes, it will play the click at all times.