"next recorded part" button in 6x6 mode

It would be sooooo nice if i could choose an option to replace the “next part” button in 6x6 mode with a “next recorded part”.

So in a first step (at home) i would be able to record some tracks and parts for a song using the regular “next part” button (in order to record new parts). But then, for my live performance, i would select the “next recorded part” option in order to cycle through the parts that are already recorded.

The benefit of this?

  • If i have 3 parts in a song, when i’m playing the third part, i don’t have to tap twice the “next part” button in order to play the first part. One tap is enough.
  • it eliminates the risk to accidentally create a fourth part if i forgot to tap twice.

And it would be perfect if this “next recorded part” option could affect also the behavior of the aeros when it receives a “next part” command (CC 113 value 127)

Thank you!

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If you disable “Next Part Record” in the settings, you should be able to move through parts as you expect. I don’t use parts that much, but I disabled “Next Track Record (6x6)” as well, and I move through the tracks in the same way without automatically triggering a record on the new track.