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Maybe this is already possible and I just can’t figure it out. But a few of the songs I’m trying to have flat out pauses, then go into a different beat. It would be great to be able to hit pause, then instead of picking up where you left off, start the next section instead.

In a round about way this is possible.
Set the main pedal to trigger on release and so it will stop when holding down the pedal. When the BB is paused you can then hold down the main pedal for it to stop and then use the external foot switch to move to the next song. But this does not work if you have the main foot switch set to start on initial press. So we need the stop or start action to be assignable to the external foot switch.

Another workaround I can think of is use a “silent” MIDI (consisting of intentionally unsupported MIDI notes, like 0) file as a transition between parts of your songs.
This is probably best when the length of your pause is not arbitrary, though. If your pause length is a multiple of full bars, you can make this “silent” transition of only 1 bar, but then simply hold down the pedal (for silent transitioning) as long as you want.

I think you should really check it out.

Yep this is one feature I think needs a bit of work for a firmware update in the future.

Stu, I personally appreciate your contributions to the BeatBuddy very much, so can I please ask for your honest opinion?

How would you like this exact feature to be handled in the next firmware version you are talking about? I believe you’ve definitely spent a lot time with the BeatBuddy already, so you can probably have some weighed and pretty though-out vision that will improve the pedal for you personally (and hopefully for the rest of us too!)

I actually have already used blank midi files with unsupported notes for pauses that are 1 measure, see ROCK In The USA that I uploaded. But it’s a bit more difficult when the pause is an entire verse, like Wagon Wheel. You make the blank midi file, but your timing would have to AMAZING to come back in at the correct time 8 measures later :slight_smile:

Right now, you hit pause, and hitting the pause button again un pauses. Hitting the main button plays the next fill back into the same song part, and so does holding the main button. I would like to see the main button transition on hold just like during normal play. This would require the behavior to be on release though, not on press.

I think you misunderstood. He wants to go to the next section, not the next song.

That’s actually a great creative response!!!

But in Wagon Wheel, you’re still singing in time (hopefully), though acapella. If you release the pedal on the last “hey” in the chorus, the next section should start in time on “rock”.

Holding a pedal down for an entire verse isn’t an option for me, I have a LOT going on :slight_smile: So for now, I’m just doing the second half of the verse in the same beat as the chorus.

I wouldn’t have thought of that though, I need to experiment for sure, the more you know and all :slight_smile:

Having “sticky” pedal hold comes to mind… Yet, I think this should better be evaluated. I totally agree with an inconvenience holding the pedal for the whole verse straight. Maybe have a new “silent” main part? So you can still use quiet fills through your silence and stuff.

Keeping yourself in tune with the BeatBuddy throughout a silence can be a challenge. While you can definitely watch the screen to keep note of a tempo (your pedal will still indicate the rhythm!), this can be inconvenient as well - you probably have other things to watch for!
I have heard some crazy (nevertheless, pretty cool) suggestions about plugging something to act as an external indicator (for cases like when you are a guitar player, and BB is next to your legs, yet you want your keyboard player (who is far from you) to also see its screen to align with the tempo).

I am thinking more about adding some overlay functionality to the headphones. Like make separate simultaneous channels - a usual “public” channel that is intended for listeners, and add a special “private” channel that would play whatever you want to hear (e.g. to stay in sync) directly into your ears, but will not come to a “public” output.
I feel this could make BeatBuddy an even more professional performance tool.

Wow, I can tell that you have put a lot of thought into this :slight_smile:

One of the MAJOR things that motivated me to purchase a BB in the first place was it’s simplicity. All of that just sounds complicated. Simply allowing press and hold of the main button to start the next section would be simple, keep the same behavior as not paused, and be doable with a simple firmware update :slight_smile:

So from pause:
Pause = unpause
main button = play next fill then play same section
main button hold = play next section

Simple is good to me, especially when I already have an entire pedal board, looper, and three baby musicians to worry about keeping together haha.

Yes, I am thinking exactly the same. Keep basic things extremely simple, yet give really complex and in-depth options to those who seek it.

Also, please make sure you’ve paid attention to what I just said about pedal hold - handling it correctly automatically means single press must get handled on pedal release that could make it a bit inconvenient to time right!

I would prefer on release :slight_smile: I would LOVE to be able to hold the pedal down to trigger a transition, then have the transition not start until the pedal is released. Sometimes the beginning on my transitions gets cut off because I don’t time the press just right :frowning:

But I am also a drummer, so my mind probably works differently than a guitar players hehe

I did sorry, although personally I don’t have a problem pausing the BB in the middle of a song especially during a quieter bridge and bringing it back in when appropriate to build the song. I am also sure that with the pedal set to release I can hold the pedal down and do a transition out of the pause already - I will have to test that as I may be mistaken.

I just found out that this IS possible! In the main pedal settings, Main Pedal Unpause -> Pedal Hold -> select transition, it is set to stop by default. This allows the exact behavior I was asking for in this request!

I’m out, gotta go do the happy dance :slight_smile: