Next software release

does anybody knows when the next software release for BB windows platform is coming out?


Nope, not currently.

But I hope I will have a more definite answer to this question in several weeks from now (before end of April 2015).

i hope so because arranging my setlists makes a lot of work without drag and drop.
I also hope after a update that playing songs within the software dont take so much resource power of the system?


I am not sure about the optimized resource power, but drag and drop will definitely be in the next release!

…and will it finally come out of beta?

We’ll see :slight_smile:

Will full Midi controll be in next update???

That would be a hardware (firmware) update Dennis - this thread is talking about the BB Manager software.

yes, but its also important!
Maybe you v´can leave a message to support it


Yeah, we’re long due for both software & hardware updates, agreed! Plus the promised ‘library’ section of the website, more drum kits and more songs…

Sorry for my misunderstatment… But isn`t the hardware also controlled by a software?

To 897: Thanx, but I allready did post it there (third message…) and I really would like to know, just IF it will happen…(Ok, next question would be when…)
And it is a pity not to get a statment from BB team. Only Daefecator is giving conservative estimate (and Daef, your work is really grateful)…

Currently, hardware is totally separate from the software. No active interaction is possible (read: while pedal is connected via USB, press X in software, pedal does Y - this is a really cool idea, yet current software doesn’t allow any of this).

Software (BBManager) is intended only for managing pedal content. Import project from pedal, add/edit songs in BBManager, export project back to pedal.

Can you say if the update will delete saved custom presets and setlists ? The likes of TC Helicon Voicelives you have to save your custom presets to your PC then re install them which is a pain and always a slight risk.
Also I have found leaps in volume on some beats especially on forum members own beats meaning I have to turn down on mixing desk n remember to re adjust for next song also its very important for an intro count live. Any solutions?, Lastly on footswitch options, accent and pause are probably most commonly used, especially for a “safe” ending as double tap outro takes a lot of getting use to in the heat of a gig, but a tap tempo is also essential for songs starting with no drums, Again any tips or solutions would be appreciated.

In general, no. The update will not delete saved project.

If you only add firmware files to the SD card (as described in the firmware thread), your project and songs will still be there.

Make sure not to delete anything from SD card or formatting it altogether. Doing that will most likely corrupt your project.

However, the restore process for the BeatBuddy is really easy. You simply download the content archive from the download page and simply unpack it to the BeatBuddy SD card. You should only care for two simple things - you should 1) unpack it and 2) place unpacked folders (namely, DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS) to the top level of the SD card (not in a subfolder!).

April 2015 is almost over, any update on new software release. Drag & drop is the big one most are waiting for…

Many thanks for a great product, tons of fun with more potential to come!