Night Moves - 2 versions (with and without bass - keys in both) - UPDATED

Note: The two versions showed slightly different timing on the Pre-Outro segment trigger needing more careful trimming.

Here’s one we’ve done for years with a simple BB backing I worked through an updated version to include keys yet not make more complex button pushing for live play. The original simple version only required hitting a button to Pause/UnPause for the ‘half-tempo’ rubato section leading into the Outro. Gave the singer freedom from a strict beat.

The drum part is lifted direct from Pop – Beat 17 – simple straight eighth and a favorite @Phil_Flood Santana Piano & Organ kit.

A bit tricky designing this to make sure BB would kick in reliably coming out of the rubato section (no backing sounds audible) going to the Outro. I used a trick I learned from Persist using a Main Loop section with no Transition fill to get into the ‘Pre-Outro’ repeated riff. Requires careful trimming in the DAW to avoid a dead space at the start.

Two versions (since I play bass on this) – one with and one without. Structure as follows:

  • In the ‘with Bass’ version Sticks count off then continue behind the intro
  • In the non-bass version I kick BB in at the beginning of the 2nd line of Verse 1 (noted in blue on the cheat sheet).
  • Main song is in the Intro Fill section and continues through the 2nd chorus and Interlude
  • The ‘quiet’ rubato section automatically comes in as BB transitions to the Main Loop section. No sounds (just an initial low velocity MIDI note to make it a ‘legal’ section)
  • The tricky part: coming out of the rubato section guitar begins with the riff. To bring in the ‘Pre-Outro’ part supporting the repeated pattern hold down the Pedal and release on the F transition after C coming back to the beginning of the Riff [(G (F) C (F)] to get the timing correct.
  • The ‘Pre-Outro’ loop can run for 8 repetitions before looping allowing time to trigger the ‘End Outro’. End Outro (Em) comes in starting right on the button push.

Night (77.9 KB)

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It’s " Not Supported " in BB.

Hi Gibson - downloaded the zip folder and reloaded the contents to my BBM and it works as intended. What issues do you see?

you have the wrong drumset loaded, see the text file

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Renevmind has it. Thx. Working on a different/better approach should be easier to time the entrance coming out of the rubato. Using 2 separate files like I do to segue between Pink Floyd songs live

I don’t see any text files except the pdf with the lyrics and chords

There’s a .txt file in the zip that tells you exactly where the instruments should be located. Night Moves\SP&O Piano 60-C2_96-C5_Hamm 97-C#1_127-G3_PBass 0-C1_31-G3_Drum 32-59.txt . so the drumset used has Piano from 60 to 96, Hammond organ is from 97 to 127, Bass is from 0 to 31 and the drums are on 32 to 59. Cygnus writes he used the Santana Piano & Organ kit from @Phil_flood . Dropbox - Santana Piano & - Simplify your life