Night Moves Part I & II - keys/bass in two parts....much better

My previous effort is still posted but this way is more rugged. Two songs back-to-back on your play list and a couple of easy button pushes to do live. I’ve included the setup instructions in the download folder to refer to without reviewing this post.

Night Moves Part I & II

  • Kit: Santana Piano & Organ includes bass
  • Instructions included in download folder
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Night Moves Pt I.sng
  • Night Moves Pt II.sng

Load both songs in order. My 2 button footswitch setup is as follows:

  • Left button when playing - Pause/Unpause
  • Right button when playing - Outro; when not playing - advances to next song.

Part I song - starts with 4 beat side stick count in that continues as a ‘1+3’ behind guitar and vocal in the Intro slot. Drums come in as indicated on cheat sheet.

Song switches automatically at the rubato (half tempo) section to the Main Loop with a ‘nil’ entry (no sound). We allow the lead singer some freedom to work the tempo rather than try to sync with him.

Anytime during the rubato section hit the (left) Pause button then hit the right button 2x in effect triggering a non-existent Outro which stops the song. The 2nd tap advances to the next song on the list - Part II.

Part II song – when singer reaches “…with autumn closing in” to end the rubato section hit the pedal as usual to start a 4 beat count in (as in Part I) and side stick continues behind the guitar riff 2x before a drum build up riff starts repeated Pre-Outro in the Part II Main Loop.

The Pre-Outro riff for the backing vocal (G to C – ‘Night Moves’ on each) repeats 8 times before the loop restarts. There are 2 splash cymbal hits – one at repeat #5 and again at #7. If you haven’t hit the Outro button (my right button) now is a good time otherwise the Loop resets after repeat #8. Seems that should be long enough for even the most gifted inventive singer.

Outro is invoked anytime during the Pre-Outro as soon as the button is pushed (ideally at any point just before the riff repeats going back to the G).

Night Moves Part I & Part (93.3 KB)

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