No 6X6 mode

Hey anyone received a unit that won’t switch to 6X6 mode? I’ve tried repeatedly, but it will only display 2x2. This happens even after I go into a new song and select 6x6.

yes, same here. i received the aeros 2 days ago, dated it up to 2.8.2 and could only use
2x2 mode after that. and that is all i can do with the unit at the moment.
i can´t save songs, i can ´t create new songs, i can´t edit songs, i can´t load songs, no sd card is seen by the unit, no usb connection.
i can only record and play back in 2x2 mode
in the loop window. that´s all the unit does.
i can´t repeat the firmwareupdate because the ftp server does not respond.
it seems, that the firmware update broke everything what might have been possible prior to the update. but i could not find out what that was, because i followed the guideline that was inside the box when i first unboxed the unit.
it said that i should first update to the newest firmware. i did that. but only very few things work at the moment, mostly nothing of what the manual says.
singular sound should please look into this and inform the new users comprehensively
what should be done next.
in this state the unit is nearly useless. sorry to say that.

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Contacted Singular. Waiting to hear back…

Just heard from support. They are releasing 2.9.1 which they hope will take care of the issues. I sent a video of the ‘no 6x6’ issue to them. They are looking into it.

He indicated the updated with be released on Monday.


thanks for that. hopefully everything will be better then. we will see.

I also can NOT get 6x6 mode to work with FW 2.8.2

Apparently after applying the FW 2.8.2, the Aeros Looper will be “stuck” in the last used mode - I updated right out of the box, and Im stuck in 2x2 mode, and can not access 6x6 mode, can Not save any tracks, no SD card.

After the FW download - my Aeros auto rebooted and applied the FW 2.8.2 update -
it did hang at 98% for 2 minutes, then again 99% for another minute
Then it rebooted with the latest Firmware installed (FW2.8.2) (Oct 28, 2018 )

Perhaps I should retry installing FW 2.8.2 again

which monday? Yesterday? Have you got some informations about that?