No African content (kwisha kabisa!) – not afrobeat fake African, but the real thing

Africa has a huge music scene, yet it is totally unrepresented by BeatBuddy.

I am not talking about what Americans or others think of as African – not some sort of urban stuff with congas added, and not some version of Black Panther stuff, but the real thing. This would include patterns from Zaire and Zimbabwe,

Great examples are Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela, King Sunny Ade, and Franco. What is needed is not specific songs, but representative generic songs.

A key feature with one form of African music is that there can be multiple beats going on at the same time - 4/4, 4/4 swing, 6/8, and more. You can tune in to any of the beats as you listen. This is far more advanced rhythm than people from outside Africa are used to hearing.

Here are two examples, the first of which has the multiple simultaneous beats:

Mtukudzi 01
Mtukudzi 03

Regarding the premium libraries, genuine African beats library would be great. At the very least, add a half-dozen generic African songs to the “World Music” collection (tossing in a cajon and some bells does not equate to world music).

The thing about authentic African music is that it is HAPPY music. It’s never about ego, toughness, or about how hard life is. It’s happy.


Jfair, I appreciate you. +1. I am coming along. At times, the production is western and very strippeddown. Music is difficult thing. Some simplemindness also in latin and jazz collections.

GEttig closer to African rhythms may even need new instrument mapping, but I think with time and presistence some Pro drumset (with set drums and percussion) could be used to build these. If you are alone, it is hard.

I hope too the production would go to some afro band and produce a new set with them.

Thanks, cheers from Finland, Europe!

Some African pop music is very close to meringue. Perhaps it would be possible to develop some more meringue selections. Thanks.