No automatic recording with existing pre-production

I use:
Aeros: 2x2; RPO
Beat Budy: Intro; A part; Aeros is started at the end of the intro.

I have a song saved in Aeros with a baseline already existing on track 2.

When the intro of Beat Budy is finished, the recording for my guitar accompaniment on track 1 should start automatically in Aeros. But I can’t get that to work. Aeros starts playback at the end of the Beat Budy intro instead of recording/overdubbing. However, with the pedal I can trigger recording on track 1 with my foot after the end of the Beat Budy intro, but I want to automate this.

I have a guess for the problem: There is no instrument recorded on track 1, but there is an ‘empty’ recording. This was necessary so that I could save the base on track 2. In effect, I have an empty recording on Aeros on track 1 and the Base recording on track 2.

I have two ideas for solving the problem. However, I don’t know how to implement one of them:

First, with track 1 empty and track 2 empty, if I record the Base on track 2, it still saves the Base to track 1. If I could enforce saving to track 2, then track 1 would be without recording and possibly as a result it would automatically auto-record my guitar accompaniment on empty track 1.

Second, if I could delete the recording on track 1 (no instrument) without deleting the bass on track 2, then it would possibly auto-record my guitar accompaniment on the deleted track 1.

Is either of these suggestions feasible?
Or do I need to do something completely different to achieve my goal? How?

Maybe someone can help me?

Thanks a lot


You can only delete the highest track in a part. No holes are allowed.

By deleting the top track you mean undo? There is no actual delete function.
I will also try that in the rehearsal room.

Thanks Roger

I meant delete last part:

“Deleting Last Part: While Aeros is stopped on the Loop Studio Screen, using the
touchscreen, you can tap on the Song Part circle of the last song in the current
open song. This will pop up a dialog to delete the last part, hit “Yes” to confirm.
Note: This is NOT undoable and will delete the .wav files present in this song

This thread goes into some detail on how they want to use undo in place of deleted tracks (and improve the behavior of undone tracks to behave more like deleted tracks): Deleting track or part - #18 by BrennanSingularSound

Thank you very much for your help. This could be a solution. I will try it at the next opportunity in the rehearsal room.


Looks like the beta firmware has a way to delete the last part hands free.

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I am now on Aeros 5.0.0 and have not found a solution yet. I’m keeping an eye on it while I familiarize myself with the new great possibilities. In the meantime, though, I’m a bit pessimistic about my original question. I have the impression that my problem originates in the design of Aeros, but I’m not sure yet. If I come across a convincing solution, I’ll be happy to get back to you.