no basic country shuffle in beatbuddy mini

Hi folks, I am testing out the “beatbuddy mini” I just bought, and was hoping for some basic country shuffle, or train beat. There isn’t really anything like that that I can find. Not even a 2/4

For older style Buck Owens and Ray Price stuff, would the more capable “beatbuddy” have anything like that built in? I really just want a backing to practice pedal steel to.

Thanks for any advice, Dave

let me know what song best shows the beat you want and I can work something up for you.

Although I see you have the mini. I don’t think there is any way to import an edited beat.

Yah, the lack of this is frankly shocking :confused:. AFAIK the only way to possibly upgrade a “mini” is to replace the ROM - dunno if that is socketed or would require a board swap :eek:. Also AFAIK there was never any intention to make it upgradeable? :frowning:

The lack of 2/4 rhythms is quite an oversight. I’d like to see a list of all BB Mini rhythms somewhere, but I haven’t been able to find it on-line anywhere.

A list of the titles of the beats wouldn’t be very meaningful - standard notation would be cool but perhaps not useful to most users. Keep in mind every beat is really four(?) different ones (verse, chorus, fill, transition). I’d love to have a catalog of the beats in standard notation myself but can understand why they didn’t bother :frowning: .

Dave, I’m in the same boat ( haven’t bought yet) and glad I found this post. I only want a full array of country styles/beats and I think you saved me the time and money making a mistake with this box. Does the full size Beatbuddy have the full country arsenal?


bob ( fellow steel player)

The country beats that come as part of the full BB are a decent array of shuffles and straight 8s. What is missing are some decent 3/4 and 6/8 straights and shuffles. Although you can fill those in with other beats in other categories or do what I did and get the add on packs which pretty much has everything you’d need.