No communications w FW!

No communication w FS.No Footswitch detected message Just got BB & FS working. Then FS stopped

Make sure you’re using the TRS patch cable that came with the pedal and that it is fully seated in the jacks for the foot switch and the pedal. If that doesn’t work and if you have another TRS patch cable, try switching them around. You’ll know it’s a TRS plug because it has 3 rings (guitar pedal patch cables are normally two rings).

Anton, you’re more likely to get help when you don’t spam the forum with 3 messages asking for the same thing ;- )

Ok yes they’re well seated and TRS cable I will have to get another to try but when I unplug it I hear a crackle or sometimes the cymbal accent is heard. . … and the headphone volume message appears sometimes then . . . as it does painstakingly every 10 or 15 seconds when starting up. I accidentally posted as this was my first time and wasn’t sure if it was posting. thank you!

Okay. No need just yet to get another cable. Try connecting the cable to the switch and pedal. Gently jiggle the cable at one jack and see if it’s making any noise or change to the pedal display. Do the same at the other end. If it does, see if you can snug the nut (finger tight only). If the pedal works okay without the switch you can try to remove the bottom of the foot switch and check for loose connections. If there are, you can contact the vendor that sold you the pedal to exchange it. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

What you are trying to do is find and eliminate the source of the problem: the cable, the foot switch or the pedal connections. I’m going to assume that you have the cable plugged into the right jack on the pedal; double-check it just to make sure, though. After trouble shooting each source, try running the foot switch detector from the pedal and see if it works. The fact that it sounds like the accent when you unplug the cable might indicate that there is a short at that source.

Regarding the volume issue, is your firmware updated to the latest version 1.41? If not, please update it:

That should take care of the intermittent volume showing up on screen.

Also, when you pull out or insert the TRS cable from the footswitch, it sends a signal to the BeatBuddy (if the BeatBuddy is powered on), which is why you hear the cymbal crash when you pull it out. When you run the footswitch detector from the settings menu, what are the precise words it says? Does it specify which side is not detected? Also, if you have another TRS cable lying around, please try that one. Let us know what happens (remember, two black circles - not one)…