No contents on SD-Card

on my bbmgr are only my own created songs and i cannot find any contents that came with the beatbuddy. On my beatbuddy there are the original contents.
How can i add these contents without loosing my own songs?


  • Using BBM, File > Export > Folder to your desktop; this will save your folders with your songs in a BBM formatted file (with a .pbf extension) that you will re-import once you complete the following steps;
  • Insert SD card into your computer; from BBM, File > Open Project on your SD card;
  • In the BBM File > Save Project As to (give it a new name) your bbworkspace;
  • To be safe and from BBM, File > Open Project and navigate to the new project in your bbworkspace;
  • In BBM, File > Import > Folder that you exported in the first step; do this for as many times as the number of .pbf folders
  • Assuming you have all your songs and default content on your BBM and if you want the same content on your pedal that’s on your BBM,
    File > Export > Project to SD card and when prompted to overwrite or replace, do so and then Sync Project at the prompt.

Thank you for your fast answer. Is it not possible to transfer my SD-Card directly to bbmgr?

There may be a smarter and easier way to do this, Werner however, I based my steps on your not wanting to lose your BBM songs.

i got it!

  • open the project on sd-card
  • save project as (new location on harddisk)
  • open project on hardisk

Nothing is lost!

Thak you