no display/bright white screen


ok, so i finally got my pedal, excited , open box, read start up, plug her in, white screen,

nothing, so i plug in headphones and hit pedal, i get drums, funtions ok, fills tempo, but thats all i can do!!! i have no display. so i guess card info is there, maybe a firmware re-install? waiting for support email,


That’s indeed interesting. I mean that’s not great at all. I’ve encountered something similar. Probably waiting for support to reply is the best to do in this situation.

I don’t think a firmware upgrade will be able to fix that. Without seeing a display it is pretty risky, and not worth trying at all.


This sounds like you are using a standard power supply other than the one that came with the BB. Despite the BB requiring 9V to run it also seems to require quite a high mA output from the power supply - I tried to run mine on the power source I use for my pedal board but it only supplies a fairly low mA (250 I think) and the BB needs 500mA. When I tried to run it on 250mA I got the white screen as you describe.


I’m also experiencing the same issue. I used the power supply provided with the BeatBuddy and am still experiencing the white screen. I’m plugging directly into a power outlet on my wall (not sure the voltage). I can still hear sound when plugged into an amp and all of the knobs and the pedal appear to be functioning normally. If anyone finds a solution to their issue I’d appreciate it.


problem was not user repairable, got new unit shipped, that problem solved by BB.