No drum sets

I received the product today (Wednesday Nov 19). Maybe I"m missing something, but…
The screen displays, for example,

Blues: 3- 6/8
Time sig. 6/8
Playing: Part 1/2

There’s no Drum Set. Presumably it’s possible to download them with the BeatBuddy Manager software, but since I only have Macs in the house, that’s not an option for me. If I plug the unit into my Mac, the computer doesn’t even detect it as a device, even though the screen on the pedal says USB DEVICE DETECTED. So essentially I’m screwed, unless I can find someone with a PC who doesn’t mind me installing software on to their machine etc. and I really don’t want to install a Windows emulator on my Mac.

What do you suggest?

I got The Unarchiver from the Mac Store online for free, and unpacked the Final Content .rar files. I can now see all the drumsets. I’m heading to Future Shop to get a cheap SD card reader, in the hope that I can simply dump the drum sets from the Mac on to the card. I’ll let you know.

The card reader cost me CAN$18. The card that shipped with the pedal had an empty DRUMSETS folder, so I just dropped the unarchived .DRM files into that folder and put the card back in the pedal. It worked.

Easy enough fix, but a pain in the ass that the product didn’t just work right out of the box.

These things happen, pleased you have got it working.