No easy easy way to learn about and jump to from

Subject line says it all. It’s very odd that there are two sites to begin with, but as long as there are, it should be very obvious that there is more “stuff” on the other site. It needs to be promoted.

Maybe it’s there, but I looked for it and am somewhat savvy/aware. This is a lost marketing/sales opportunity … and SS is losing money here.

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Yes. Having two different sites threw me at first but I’ve since bookmarked them as forum and home.

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Thanks, yeah this has irked me for a while as well, but our web developers have been hesitant to combine the two properties because of a technical issue. I might have found a workaround that we can pursue in 2021 to get them combined though :slight_smile:

That’s overcomplicating it.

Why can’t you add very noticeable links between the two sites?

It’s not as important that they become one site. They just need to be linked together in various ways?

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There are some links, but I will admit they’re less noticeable than they could be.

I’ve experimented in the past with prominent links in the headers of the sites, but we ended up seeing a decrease in conversions and thus overall revenue so we reverted to these less obvious links. I never experimented with putting links in the footer however, potentially that’s a good option all around?

Long term, the sites will be merged as they’re causing other issues outside of being just confusing by being separate.

Obviously you’d merge the sites today if you could. Makes sense. One Singular products site with all related forums included. Good luck, though. We still have a number of dead links from the last time the site was changed over.

As far as putting a link in the footer, sure, why not. But IMO, it won’t make a significant impact on the problem. The link needs to be somewhere prominent - Products Page - click freakin’ HERE!

lol… :slight_smile: