No firmware update via SD card possible

This is really strange…

These x-mas days I have the very first opportunity for trying out my AEROS loop studio. Of course I want to use the newest beta version. So I downloaded 2.13.1. beta version. And yes, it was exactly this file, nothing else… And I renamed the file to aeros.bin and then connected my Sony A6500 via USB (using as SD card reader to copy the firmware file) to my PC. Formatted the SD card to exFAT in Total Commander and copied the firmware file to the SD card. Disconnected the SD card. SD card connected into the AEROS. Switched the AEROS on. Clicked on “Updates”. Installed the Update. And now the “joke”: the AEROS was updated to version 2.11.1 – but I guaranteed downloaded and copied the 2.13.1!

Next issue: now any old (or same versioned) firmware files (of course renamed always to aeros.bin) are no longer recognized by the AEROS. I tried it with three other SD cards and some older firmware versions, but: same procedure, same results.

Luckely I recorded my first (and only successful) firmware update process:

SD card reader of the AEROS is dead? ->

I don’t think my three SD cards (all the same: SanDisk adapter and Micro-SanDisk Extreme 64GB) ->

Thanks for the level of detail. It helps to quickly figure out what could be causing issues.

Should be FAT32 or MS DOS 32 bit

I believe the FAT32 limits the useable size of the card to 32Gb. If you don’t have a 32Gb SDHC class 10 card, as a temporary measure, you can reformat one of your 64Gb SD cards to FAT32 and change the size to a single 32Gb partition. See if that works.

BTW, new SD cards are formatted to FAT32 or MS DOS 32 bit so you shouldn’t have to re-format them.


Hey, FAT32 helped! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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just wonder why only outdated FAT32 works. It would be much more easier for Mac users and nowadays Win 10 users that exFAT can be used.

And why not have the option to download beta version via WLAN direct to the Aeros looper?