No guitar signal pass through

I’ve had my BB for over a year now and have just reconfigured my rig after changing my amp. My previous amp had 2 channels and one was dedicated to the BB so no pass through was required.

My new amp only has a single channel and I now need to pass the guitar signal through the BB. But it doesn’t. The BB still sounds great on its own, and I’ve updated the firmware, but nothing gets through from the guitar.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Where is your BB pedal in your signal chain? You can try this

  • make sure your cables are all good and that you’re not using a TRS cable for anything but the remote foot switch
  • left input for your guitar; left output to your amp or pedal chain (if this doesn’t work, try right input for your guitar, right output to your amp)
  • volume on pedal turned up
  • if you have a looper in your chain, make sure that the master volume is above unity gain

Thanks for the advice Persist.

Unfortunately I’ve tried all that good stuff, breaking down the while rig to just bass - beatbuddy - amp, and still no joy.

I’m not sure what do you mean by reversing the cable? The instrument cable?

Sorry, Chris. That’s my signature line and it was intended to be funny but for this situation, it’s kind of ironic. :slight_smile:

It’s bound to be something very simple. If it worked before, it should work now. If you have stereo headphones with a 1/4" jack you can test the signal on the pedal. What does the volume read on the the BB display? Do you get any buzz, or ground hum with your signal chain?

  • disconnect the remote foot switch from the pedal
  • disconnect power to pedal
  • plug in headphones on left or right Output of BB pedal
  • plug guitar cord into left input (you’re not plugging the other end into anything though)
  • turn top knob volume all the way down; power the pedal up
  • listening thru the headphones, touch the tip of the jack and you should hear it buzz thru the headphones; gradually turn up the top knob volume
  • do the same for the right input; if it buzzes when you touch the tip of the jack, pedal is likely still functioning correctly
  • if you’ve got buzzing up to this point try, plugging your foot switch back in and check that you still can hear the buzz at the same volume; sometimes the remote foot switch jack when not fully seated affects the volume.

You could also try reinstalling firmware version 1.8.5 or later, if you have it.

Does your amp have a separate line input? You might be able to try the pedal thru that.

Other than these tips, the only thing I can think of is that it is something in your signal chain (bad patch cable, etc) has changed. If the rest of your signal chain works with your amp, it could be the BB pedal and if that’s the case, you can contact via e-mail for instructions on what to do next.

Thanks again for your help and advice. I’ve tried all of those things and still no joy. It feels as though there’s no connection between the input jacks and the circuit board as there’s not even any buzzing or popping when touching the input lead without an instrument connected.

I’ve gotten in touch with support…

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It will all work out :wink: