No import, no synch?

Bought new BB. Registered the device.
DL’d and updated new firmware
DF’d and installed BBManager 1.64.1
Watched and followed instructional videos 1 and 2


  1. Trying to create a new folder on SD card “Favorites”
  2. Trying to export factory .sng then import and rename .sng in my new Favorites folder
  3. Then synch, and put SD card back in device

What happens:

  1. I can create a new folder on the SD card and rename it “Favorites”
  2. I can export “Blues 1” to a folder on my desktop I’ve named “bbworkspace”
  3. When I try to import Blues 1 into my Favorites folder I get an error message “Unable to copy song data for file… Skipping file…”

BTW: The menu item Synchronize Project is dimmed.

What have I missed?
Thanks in advance.

[]Not clear from your goal if you’re using the Finder or the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to create a folder on your SD card. You must use the BBM to manage songs/beats/folders as it manages the process both on your computer as well as your SD card
]BEST PRACTICE: When renaming, make sure you don’t use periods in the name i.e., Mrs. Robinson
[]If you used the Finder to create Favorites on your card, please delete it
]BEST PRACTICE: You should only use the bbworkspace folder that’s in your Documents folder; having more than one will “confuse” the BBM; however, if you want to have the bbworkspace folder on your desktop, that’s okay but you should drag the one from your Documents folder to your desktop and then use the BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to update the BBM so it knows where your bbworkspace is located
[]Before you try to sync your project for the first time, you have to use the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card and follow the prompts
]If you’re using High Sierra, the dimmed Synchronize Project may be because the step above was not performed but also because there’s a know and reported bug in the BBM that dims Synchronize Project
If you continue to have issues or problems, you may want to start over by following the steps in

Thanks for responding. I haven’t used Finder. Here’s what I did.

1.) Deleted all files related to BB from my iMac, including BBM.
2.) Reinstalled BBM – dragged app to Applications folder
3.) dragged BBWorkspace to my Documents folder
4.) Started BBM
5.) Mounted BB SD card
6.) Opened new project from SD card. Files from the SD card appear within BBM. All audio files play within BBM just fine.
7.) Was prompted to save, did so in the documents/bbworkspace folder. Named the file “BU”
8.) Received error message attached[ATTACH=full]9748[/ATTACH]

9.) Went to Menubar. Selected Songs/New Folder, which creates a new folder in the left panel

10.) within BBM, I open the blues folder and export Blues_1.sng to the songs folder on the computer. I use finder to verify it is in user_lib/songs.

11.) within BBM, with the new folder highlighted, I attempt to import Blues_1.sng into the new folder. Error message appears: [ATTACH=full]9749[/ATTACH]

Thanks in advance for the help!

After dragging the bbworkspace folder to your Documents folder, did you use BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location (to your Documents folder)? If not, please do so and then try again. If not, let me know.

I did. Here’s the sequence:

  1. Where I exported to…

  2. How I tried to import via BB

  3. Error message I receive.

It’s gotta be something simple!
I appreciate your help, especially on a saturday.


In order to help you fix your problem, please state:
[]the operating system you are using
]what you have tried so far
[*]the symptoms of the problem you are having
Avoid using all-caps when typing as it is the Internet equivalent of shouting and users will tend to ignore you.

Sorry about the caps. Was not a shout out!
I am using OS X El Capitan
I have saved a song to the BBWorkspace>User_lib>Songs and the song is there i.e. Blues_.sng
When i return to BBmngr i go into the folder that i created and i then import that song from the location mentioned and i get the same message as DouglasFlather ( 3 posts up) saying unable to copy song data with the same warning triangle and box message.

From your description, it sounds like you might have tried to use the Mac OS or Finder to perform a function that should be done by the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). I just created a thread that might help you at

If this still doesn’t help, please contact me via PM.

Thank you Persist. I will try that.