No Kick Drum

Are there any Drum Sets or songs that have no kick drum? I checked out the “Songwriter Brushes Collection” and though it doesn’t specifically say there are any songs without, during the entire video where Goran is talking about soft and gentle drum rhythms, the kick drum is going. I think of soft and gentle rhythms as something you won’t even realize are there if you don’t listen for them specifically. Take for example the official video of John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane, the percussion is very subtle. In the song matching tool, there is a suggested drum rhythm for this song and it is nothing like the version I refer to. It sounds like a version of the song a heavy metal band might make, but certainly not a solo singer with an acoustic guitar.

I have not run across any—the cajon set might not but I have not checked recently. You can always remove the kick or acoustic bass drum from a song by using the built-in MIDI Editor. You can also edit a drum set using the Drum Set Maker.

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In case anyone else is interested in percussion without the kick drum, I found 4 different drum sets in the Beat Buddy - Drum Sets forum that contain only percussion elements without any drum kit sounds. Now that I have figured out how to get them into my Beat Buddy, I now have what I wanted.
Here are the drum sets I found (The first link contains 2 drum sets):
[NuCajon + Percussion + Upright bass - #2 by fled]
[Coffee House Percussion kit - #4 by pax-eterna]
Ballad Congas drum kit
The last one, Ballad Congas, has an update with the kick drum, but the original version has no kick drum.
I hope this helps someone else.