No License

I recently bought a BeatBuddy and unfortunately the unit is not working properly, there is an error message at the top of the screen that says No License and the sounds cuts in and out. I can see from the forum search I did that this should be an easy fix. I have contact support and it has been a few days and have not heard anything back. I just used the email. Any suggestions at this point?


No sorry, all you can do is wait. If you bought your BB from another supplier you could go through them - the BB team is currently at Winter Namm so it may take longer to get a reply.

Would a firmware update work? I could send you the beta firmware I have.

Could try installing the official firmware from the downloads area, but I think it requires some input from support.

I’m not in the music industry and had no idea about NAMM, I got the files emailed to me last night and things are working beautifully, even downloaded a song pack and the vintage drum kit…thank you both for your replies