no lights, no joy....

Hi there. I received one of the very first Beat Buddy units and had fun with it for a few weeks … and then i let it sit (lonely) without using it for almost 3-4 months. Today I hooked it back up again and - no power. The AC adapter that came with it shows a red light. I have done the ol’ plug it in for a while and let it charge and then the ol’ let it sit without power for a minute and none of that works. FWIW, the adapter is the one it was shipped with.

Sadly, no matter how many switches, dials, power jack that I play with I get the same result - no LCD panel lighting up.

I am hoping I am doing a real stupid thing here somewhere that you can assist with. Any ideas?


I’d start troubleshooting with buying/borrowing another power supply. Just go to your nearest local shop with the BeatBuddy in your pocket, and try powering it there. The only thing you should take care of is the voltage should be 9V center-negative. Even if the polarity doesn’t match the pedal will simply not turn on, but will never be damaged (as long as the power is no more than 9V!). If you tried both 9V polarity and your BeatBuddy still doesn’t power on, you will be sure your power supply is most likely okay.

Next step would be to try the “soft” repair:

Third step would be contacting support for a (probable) replacement at
Keep in mind, this week the guys are really busy at NAMM, so wait time may be a bit longer than what it normally is.

hey all, thanks so much for your help. Conclusion: I am a bonehead.
I had kept the Beat Buddy with some other pedals and naturally I picked the wrong power supply.
Went to the other pedals and found the correct 9V 500ma one that WAS shipped with it.
Thanks for the responses. Hope i have much better posts in the future for you all!

Don’t sweat it Bob! We don’t have time or space here for all of my stories like that!! :rolleyes: Glad you got it sorted!!! :smiley: