No MIDI sync cables

I’m sure I saw this posted about by someone else, but can’t find the place, wherever it was.

Anyway. I’ve just had my order finally show up - all seems fine, aside from the MIDI sync cables I ordered not being in there. Just wondering if this has happened for anyone else, and what’s been said already if so.

I just recieved my BB but could NOT find the MIDI cables-- I ordered two of them.

I am in Melbourne Australia.

Sorry about that guys. Our logistics company must have messed up (we’re never using them again by the way). Contact us at and we’ll send it out to you ASAP!

Done. Thanks.

My Beat Buddy arrived yesterday (Perth, Australia), but sans Midi Sync cable too - will email the support line. Thanks for the heads up!



Same problem here, no midi cable. Tried to contact the support but no answer yet.