No MONO Output

I plugged my Guitar directory into the BB’s Left (MONO) Input and noticed I’m not hearing MONO on the output side.

I’m monitoring from the headphone jack; start BB and hear the drums in both channels but the guitar is only in the left channel. My expectation is, the guitar should be in both channels since it’s plugged into the MONO jack.

I than monitored through both L & R Outputs and noticed again, guitar is only in the L Channel. And, If I change the guitar to the Right Input (non-mono), like wise, I hear it only in the right channel of the Headphone and R output.

Some gear I use requires the unit to be powered on after the instrument is plugged in to the MONO jack. I tried this but there’s no difference. And, as for my many other effects pedals, they don’t require a restart and I assume BB works this way, according to standard pedal convention.

Can anyone else confirm MONO isn’t working?

Most likely you are speaking about Boomerang III when it comes to powering on with connected cables.
Currently, BeatBuddy doesn’t utilize anything like that.

What you are seeing is most likely unintended. I’ll try to reproduce that and pass that to the team.

Hi Daefecator. I don’t own a Boomerang III but will take your word for it. Thanks and I look forward to your followup on whether you experience the issue too.

Sounds like you have a fault - I get this on mine if I plug it into the right socket and don’t have anything plugged into the left as it it designed for a split stereo connection. What happens if you use both left and right inputs?

Hi Psalm…Can you please try this;

What happens when you plug into ONLY the Left INPUT (MONO). Than, listen either through the Headphones or both L/R Outputs. Do you hear anything in both L/R channels? You should. NOTE: do not plug anything into the R Channel Input.

To answer your question about both L/R inputs: If I plug in both L/R inputs from a source that has Stereo out (true L & R), I get Stereo on the BB outputs. I consider this working as expected.

I often use the BB like this especially when practising and always hear mono signals in both L & R channels, however I rarely use the BB in stereo just using the main mono out, as I say it sounds like you have a faulty unit.

I went ahead and sent support an email.

Psalm, your response doesn’t clearly indicate whether you have the issue since you’re connecting it differently.

All I am saying is that

  1. I do not have this issue.
  2. I am not aware of anyone having reported this before.

I’ve lent my BeatBuddy to my neighboor so it can take a day or two to check.
On a side note, he is totally crazy hyped with the unit! :slight_smile:

You can still ask support directly at to find that out.

Hi There. A follow Up. I received my *new replacement beat buddy and it’s working properly, and as expected. Now, when I plug into L MONO, I hear the signal on all the Outputs.

Thanks BB Support.

You’re very welcome Jeff! Enjoy! :slight_smile: