No more confusion

My thanks to Jay (support at BB) for helping me figure out the entire concept. My confusion on some of the posts were because I had a skewed view of how the whole system worked. I thought during a live gig I would use the BB software to program the next song in the pedal. That’s why I couldn’t figure out why BB sent such a short USB cord, I thought it was meant to go from the laptop to the pedal on the ground. I told Jay I am a baby boomer so I need instructions written down not a video format that works for millenials. Thanks everyone for all the help.

I am so pleased you have figured it out :slight_smile: The BB is a lot more than just a piece of hardware It can do so much more but needs a basic understanding of midi and computers to get the most out of it. Once the basic concept is understood it is fairly simple however sometimes getting to that point can be difficult as the software is not very intuitive and hopefully that will change in the future.
Ah the difference in generations… my generation would prefer a video demonstration to reading a manual any day, however the manual is there as well which does try and explain various concepts, but most I doubt have read it and prefer to figure it out as they go along. Hope you get much enjoyment from your BeatBuddy! :slight_smile: