No 'one press for premium content?

I find using the premium content incredibly difficult. some of the songs I have downloaded have over 15 parts (i have zeppelin/gnr/peppers/etc) and i guess i am the ‘get off my lawn’ guy now because i think thats a big ask of a ‘weekend warrior’ type player.

Is there not an easy solution to make these ‘one-press’ through the song?

If the community hasn’t made a One Press version then you can make yourself :relieved:

I’d say it’s easy but time-consuming :yum:

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If it were easy, someone would have already revised the songs but since they’re premium content, they can’t make them freely available on the forum. As aapo implies, you can probably do so using a DAW (digital audio workstation) or using the BeatBuddy Manager Online (BBMO) to see if that helps you achieve your goal.
Just my 2¢ but it would seem to defeat the flexibility that users seem to want with their pedals.
The easiest solution—again, just my opinion—might be to search the forum for the song titles you’re looking for in one-press format.

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Though I don’t do OP I do make parts for my originals that are extra long (full verse/chorus etc etc per BB Part) by importing the midi drum parts into a daw or SD3 and then merge them into a single file per part.
I imagine the same method could be applied to an entire song.