No output from Beatbuddy Mini 2

I am not getting anything out of my Beatbuddy Mini 2. When I plug it in, everything lights up and the display and knobs all seem to work as they should, but I am not getting any sound from it. I tried it with my guitar amp and a set of headphones and nothing. Guitar plays through it fine.

Any idea what the problem could be?

If you push the start button does it seem to start? If not, it could be a faulty button or loose connection. just a guess.

Thanks for responding.

The switch seems to be working. When you push the foot switch the sweeping metronome on the display starts. When you push it again the fill light flashes on and when you press it twice it stops like it should.

Does the mini 2 have an earphone out? you could try and listen if it produces any sound on that. If it does, it could be a loose connection. I would suggest, if it is still under warrenty, contact singular sound, if not, open it up and take a look inside for loose connections and push on every connector inside, something might have loosened itself.

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It does not have a seperate headphone jack. It does come with an 1/4" to 2.5mm adapter, so you can use a set of headphones. I did try that to make sure that it was not my cable, or amp, but still nothing.

I also opened it up and nothing seems loose and the cable jack seems nice and tight.

I am pretty sure i am past the warranty and am waiting to hear back from customer support.

Hi there, I had exactly the same, unfortunately at the worst possible moment, just after a sound check on stage… I was unable to find any reason or cure, but then it is many years old. I’ve now bought a new one, I looked around and there is still nothing to compete. The new one is even better.