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Hi newbie here. I’ve got a new BB out of the box, followed the jokes right away and installed the new firmware and I have no song out put, either in the phones or the mixer. The song scrolls on the screen, pauses, etc just doesn’t output. I can hit the splash on the foot switch and hear it fine. Since I loaded firmware first thing I can’t tell you if it worked out of the box. As my wife would ask me…now what did I do…thanks

Since you can hear the Accent hit, I’m guessing that it’s not a hardware (pedal) problem but rather something goofy with the firmware download and or install and that’s why I suggest that you reinstall the firmware:

  • Delete old firmware file you downloaded from your computer
  • Download fresh copy of firmware and unzip
  • Insert SD card to your computer; do not use USB cable to connect pedal to computer
  • Copy firmware files to SD card; accept prompt to overwrite existing files
  • When done eject SD card
  • Power off on pedal and insert SD card
  • Power on to pedal

When you test pedal, check pedal volume and headphone volume. Also check that your patch cables are mono and fully seated. The remote switch used a stereo cable.

If this still doesn’t work, contact Support

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Thanks for the come back. I’d tried that, but for clarity I followed your steps verbatim and still nothing. So, for better or for worse I downloaded the backup and rewrote the SD, reset the foot pedal and boom badda boom, we have loud drums…thanks again

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