No playback with BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) on Linux through WINE

Hi there,

I have successfully installed the BeatBuddy Manager on Linux on two of my machines. So far so good. Creating the “project” in the right folder, importing the SD card, all seems to work fine as all the song on the card are present in the BBM.

But, the playback is not working. When I press play it looks “armed” and ready to play (as the little BB icon goes into green or red “playback” colors). But it does “run”. The vertical metronome bar stays static on beat 1.

Any hits ?

Are you using the default content or user created content, and if the latter, is the main body of the song in the Intro or the Outro. If in the Outro, you’ll need to double-tap the Virtual Machine main button.

If it’s default content, can you you click on the Play button within any of the song’s parts and do you hear audio?

Thanks for your reply.

Are you using the default content


…can you click on the Play button within any of the song’s parts


do you hear audio?


I have provided a minimal video displaying the situation. (Sorry for the zip, .webmz not allowed) (670.6 KB)

Is everything else working besides playback? If so, that covers the basics.

Many people just use it to manage/load songs (the next gen BBM only supports this use case right now AFAIK). Playback and for many midi editing are nice to have features for may.

Thanks @persist and @Quad , I indeed can use it as “normal” but without sound.

I do have the feeling though of having a very outdated and clunky “manager” VS the BB itself which seems quite rugged. I know there are plenty other posts on the subject but just chiming here helps my sanity.

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