No power Beatbuddy mini

The power of my beat buddy mini suddenly off.I check the supplied power adapter its good
and i open the back cover …and board expose i see the R3 resistor is burned

Do you know the value of that resistor
I’m a professional Electronic Technician

If it’s still under warranty, might be better to replace it.

If not, and the resistor color bands are visible, you can get the value from

If a resistor ‘burned’ it’s likely another component which is faulted and caused the resistor to burn and isolating that faulted component and getting a replacement may be more problematic. I removed the back cover of my BB and didn’t see any resistors other than those mounted to the headphones jack. I suspect you removed a circuit board to see this resistor(?) Is the resistor in question of an SMD type as well as other components (I hate working on that stuff :angry: )?
As persist suggested sending the BB to Singular would be the best option to ensure a proper fix or replacement.

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I love working SMD type…i figure out that the AMS 1117 3.3V is shorted i ordered it online already
i hope this will solve the problem
thanks for all of your reply